Battle of the Beauty Sponges

Beauty Sponges

Beauty sponges are all the rave in the cosmetics industry at the moment. Every company and their mother have come out with their own version, so it’s hard to know where to even begin. The Beauty Blender was the first of its kind with a whopping price tag of $20! For a sponge! At least this was my immediate reaction when I first heard about the Beauty Blender, and I’m sure many of you felt the same way. That seemed a little steep to me, but I took the plunge anyways and purchased one in an epic “YouTube made me buy it” moment. Since then I have tried out 2 other sponges- the Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Both of these sponges have great reviews from other beauty bloggers and YouTubers, and I knew I wanted to try them out for myself.

Fast-forward through a few months of giving each sponge a go individually, and I’m here to tell you all beauty sponges are not created equal. Let’s talk about why *spoiler alert* the Beauty Blender is the best makeup sponge on the market hands down, and how the others measured up.

Beauty Sponges

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is the closest dupe there is to the Beauty Blender in my humble opinion. Though the shape is different, with its flat side vs curved end, the density of the sponge is a good medium, and it blends foundation and concealer beautifully. Coming in at $7 or 2/$10 sometimes, this definitely wins for best quality for the price. If the Beauty Blender never existed, I would be totally content with this sponge. It’s an ignorance is bliss thing if you will. So if you currently use the RT sponge and you’re completely in love with it and you’ve never tried the Beauty Blender, DON’T. Because then your blissful state of ignorance is shattered and you will know what you have been missing this entire time.

The Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge has to be my least favorite out of the 3. In fact, I think I only used it for a couple of weeks before I went running back to the RT sponge. I was without a Beauty Blender at the time, so the RT sponge was a welcome friend. The Morphe sponge is super, super dense. Like when you go to bounce it on your face, instead of nice light bounces blending your foundation or concealer flawlessly, you slightly feel like you’re being attacked. Try as you might, the gentlest of hands could not make this sponge feel less dense than it is. But don’t get me wrong. It does the job and blends product just fine. You’re not left with patchy spots, and it doesn’t suck up too much product. I also enjoy the shape of it because it has a dip in the middle of the sponge that allows you the best hold of any of the others, and it still has the pointed tip, which is essential for blending concealer under the eyes. I just can’t deal with how dense it is.

Now behold the Beauty Blender. I’ve saved the best for last because this sponge is everything. No one has been able to match its glory. The absolute best selling point is the density, if you couldn’t tell already. It is perfectly bouncy. It’s light on the face, and it feels so nice blending concealer under the eyes. Many have tried to replicate the formula, and many have failed. Like I said before, you just can’t know how wonderful it is until you spend the $20 and use it for yourself. It’s $20 well spent! I realize the price tag is steep but that’s why I’m now going to throw in some tips about how to make your sponge last longer.

1. Wash it frequently. (Ideally every day, but who really has time for that?)

2. Every couple of weeks, sterilize it. Run it under water like you normally would before use. Place it in a microwave safe bowl with a little water in the bottom, and microwave for 30 seconds. Wait at least a minute before getting it out, and do not squeeze the excess water out until it has cooled or you will most definitely burn yourself.

3. Put it in a safe place. Tossing it into your makeup drawer or bag haphazardly will lead to gouged holes and tearing. Take the extra 5 seconds to put it somewhere safe from sharp corners or ends.

There you have it! I battled the “top” beauty sponges against each other, and the Beauty Blender took home the gold! With all the companies that are producing sponges, we are bound to get one closer to the original BB eventually. Let me know in the comments below which beauty sponge is your favorite. Maybe our champion won’t stay uncontested for long!

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