The Summer Essential: White Jeans

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Tomorrow is the first official day of summer and what better way to celebrate than with a good pair of crisp white jeans?

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Spring and Summer Sandals

I adore sandals! If it’s warm enough for my feet to be exposed, I’m a happy girl. Lucky for me, that’s about half of the year in Mississippi. So at the beginning of spring, I knew I needed to purchase some new sandals to replace all of the ones I had worn down last summer. 

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Smooth Transition

70's Dress 5 If you live in the Southeast or West Coast, you understand that though the mornings are starting to get cool and crisp, the afternoons can come back with a sweat inducing vengeance.  Therefore, transition outfits are a must. 

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Olive Love

Olive Button Up 2

Olive is one of the best colors to get me into the fall season.  With September beginning tomorrow, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to buy something fall inspiring, and this comfy affordable shirt fit the bill. 

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Let’s Get Real

Inspiration 4

Let’s get real with each other for a second. I’m Tabitha (Faith). You may have been following me along this blogging journey since the beginning, or this may be your first time to visit. Hello! The 1 year anniversary of Tabitha Faith is coming up soon, and I thought I would get real with y’all. There is one big question I want to answer, not only for you, but for myself.

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The Shirt Dress

Vintage Shirt Dress 1

If you didn’t know, I have this habit of taking vintage clothing and imagining how I could reinvent them with a little tweaking here or there.  I will find a dress in an interesting pattern and envision how I could alter it to be more modern.   That, my friends, is how this awesome shirt dress came into my life.

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June Favorites

I have an exciting announcement to make!  Today I’m launching my own YouTube channel, Tabitha Faith.  I hope you find this blog and my YouTube channel as a source of inspiration and a little bit of fun!  If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen so far on Tabitha Faith, you will love what I’m in the process of doing with this channel.  Go check it out and subscribe to get notifications of my newest uploads.  So without further ado, my June Favorites video!

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