Four for Fall // Transitional Styling Tips

Transitioning to Fall

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It’s almost fall, y’all! If you’re like me and live in a warmer climate, dressing for this transitional time may be a bit tricky, so I’ve put together some styling tips for you.

Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall

Transitioning to Fall

Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall Transitioning to Fall

We’ve actually had some chilly mornings already here in Mississippi, but that doesn’t last very long before we’re back into the 80s during the day. But the slight change in weather has gotten me busting out some transitional clothing that will be warm enough in the mornings but not suffocate me in the afternoons. And I thought I would let you in on some of my best styling tips for this weird, sometimes awkward, transitional time when it can be hard to get inspired.

1. Layers

You know the drill. When it’s cool in the mornings and hot in the afternoons, your best styling friend is going to be layers. One of my favorite combinations is a classic tee with one of your favorite button ups or thinner cardigans over top. If you didn’t know, I’mย obsessedย with the Everlane tees because they may just be the softest things ever. Check out my full post about them here!

Another fun layering option is the vest or gilet. They add some warmth to your core while letting those arms breathe!

2. Put away some skin.
With this styling tip, we’re playing with the aspect of exposed skin. In summer, we had both our legs and arms a’showing because it was stinking hot. But now that the weather has chilled off a hair, we might not be so keen on showing all our bits any longer. However some of us may not be ready to put away our denim cutoffs for the year, so I’m hear to tell you you don’t have to! Just pair them up with a sweater (oversized with a bit of a front tuck if you’re asking me) and sneakers or chunky boots and voila! You’ve got yourself a transitional look with your cutoffs.
You can use the same pairing with a mini skirt. Or if you want even more bang for you buck, combine this tip with tip #1. Wear your mini skirt with a tee and a thin cardigan or button up over the top and some chunky boots and BAM! I just can’t deal with how cute this looks!
3. Change out your fabrics/materials.
This is personally one of my favorite things to do. As I said in my blog post here, I don’t tend to follow fashion rules that dictate fabrics for only certain seasons, but I do have to admit that some fabrics remind me of seasons and I definitely gravitate towards them when that time comes around. For instance, I adore suede and leather in the fall/winter! I mean who doesn’t really? The heavier fabrics work better at keeping you warm and have a bit of a darker look to them that are just perfectly suited to the colder months.
It can be as simple as reaching for a different bag. Where I would usually grab a wicker bag in summer, I might go for my black leather crossbody with fur accent. Or instead of my straw boat hat, I will most likely be reaching for my felt wide brim fedora. All of these fabrics pull more of a fall vibe into your outfit.

4. Boots, boots, boots!
If you live somewhere where you can wear boots during summer and not burn up, then my hat’s off to you. But that’s not this girl! I would probably die if I tried to wear boots in the summer in Mississippi. Blah! So it’s refreshing to be able to bust out the ole boots again and they just happen to remind the world around you that cooler temps are here and coming!
Some of my absolute favorite on trend boots for the fall are sock boots (always) and this new “witchy” look we’ve got going on! I’m digging it!

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