How to Style Sneakers

How to Style Sneakers

Hi lovelies! I feel like this could be a bit of a controversial post because today I’m talking about how to style sneakers. Now I’m you’re like me, you would have never been cool with wearing exercise sneakers with street clothes. However, after purchasing the cutest Nikes ever right after Christmas, I think I may be changing my tune.

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At first, I was on the hunt for new gym shoes and new fashion sneakers, but then I stumbled on these guys- the Nike Lunarepic Flyknit. They are seriously THE most comfy sneakers ever, and they’re absolutely adorable. So I though, hey why not?! Let’s give them a try and see if they can fit both categories.

So let me share my How to Style Sneakers 101:

* Denim: Denim, but denim done right. Skinny jeans are my #1 piece to style with sneakers because the skinny silhouette is nice contrast to a sneaker. Even those these sneakers are some of the most streamlined out there, they’re still sneakers and therefore a little chunkier than another shoe choice. A denim mini is also the perfect combo for this look. Once again, we’re talking proportions here. The short skirt gives length to your legs that the sneakers may take away.

*Leggings: This may be a controversial subject within a controversial post, but I think leggings (opaque leggings) can tastefully be worn as pants. I feel like that needed all the disclaimers of life! *lols* As long as your booty is covered, you’re safe in my opinion. These sneakers would pair really well with leggings and a tunic sweater or sweatshirt.

At the moment, it’s trending to wear sneakers with a midi skirt, but because I personally don’t wear that look, I can’t in good conscience recommend them to y’all. I will definitely pair a midi skirt up with converse or even retro Nike’s. I’m just not a fan of gym sneakers with longer skirts. But if that’s something you’re wanting to try out, by all means go for it!

I’ve linked up some sneakers I’m lusting over at the moment!

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