What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas

What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas

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StyleCon has been an annual event in California for the past few years, but this was their first time hosting one in Dallas. After a quick 8 hour drive with a 4 month old (*lols*), JD and I found ourselves in this super cool city!

What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas What I Learned at StyleCon Dallas

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As a “newbie” blogger/influencer/whatever, I was super excited to get to meet other bloggers and influencers. Sometimes it’s hard to make blogger friends if you don’t live in an area like NYC, L.A., or San Francisco. That’s why I bought my tickets for StyleCon Dallas pretty much as soon as I heard about it.

It was definitely a cool experience meeting new people, talking with brands, and hearing panels from “pro” bloggers and lady bosses alike. Needless to say, I came away with a few lessons learned.

1. Everyone starts small.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single person who spoke on a panel that started their blog or YouTube channel and immediately had a bazillion followers and totally perfect engagement. Some bloggers grow faster than others but hardly anyone is an overnight success. It took a lot of work and perseverance for them to get where they are and with the same type of dedication, I can be there too someday.

2. Trying to follow the crowd won’t get you anywhere.

If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, “Do you.” It’s a silly phrase that we’ve heard plenty of times and probably used ourselves in the past five or so years, but it does hold some truth for us. Trying to replicate what’s on the mannequin at Zara or what every other Instagrammer is doing won’t get you noticed above the noise. It’s no secret that the blogging world is pretty saturated with every other person wanting to become the next big style, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, so standing out in whatever niche you choose is imperative. And the best way to do that is to stay true to yourself. If the latest trend doesn’t appeal to you or work for you, don’t do it. People can smell a fake a mile away.


Capitalized and exclamation point!

Ladies, let’s stop competing and undermining each other to supposedly get to the top and start empowering each other. We have enough working against us already with gender inequality still alive and well. Why do we turn on each other acting like there’s not enough success to go around? Instead of sizing each other up, why don’t we lift each other up? Kindness can take you a very long way and it was extremely refreshing to hear so many others encouraging this type of camaraderie.

4. Your voice is unique.

Ok, I know this slightly ties in with #2, but I thought it deserved it’s own number. This isn’t the “You’re so special” speech you get from your mama, where you feel like you can just coast by on unicorn dust thinking the world will magically fall into place for you. It’s an actual truth because no one sees the world (or fashion for that matter) exactly the same way you do. This is a very important factor because once you master #2 and you’re not trying to be anyone else but your true self, you can take that point of view and run with it. And now the really hard work comes into place because this ain’t happening for free or by sheer luck. But now you know what you’re saying and when the no’s come (and you can bet your bottom dollar they will), you have something to fall back on.

Stay true to your own, unique voice. Say it over and over again. And you will see growth.

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    1. Right, Riva! I’m guilty of thinking there’s not enough success to go around just as much as anybody else, but I’m determined to start thinking more positively! We have to support each other!

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! I know we’ve heard a lot of these before, but it’s so good to keep them fresh on our minds.

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