Monday Musings: Letting Go of Perfection

Monday Musings: Letting Go of Perfection

Letting Go of Perfection

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Hello Monday morning! I’m so excited to bring you guys my very first series on Tabitha Faith that I’m affectionately calling “Monday Musings”! Today’s kick off post is all about letting go of perfection, especially as a mom, and how even the most put together people really aren’t. 

Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection Letting Go of Perfection

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Have you ever seen those moms/women that look like they have everything together. Their house is always perfect. Their outfit and makeup are always flawless. They’re always so nice and seem to think of everything. They volunteer for everything and, you wonder how they have the time and energy to be so perfect while you’re over here struggling.

Well I’ve figured it out, how to be perfect that is, and I’m going to share the secret with you so listen closely.

Go with the flow and let it go.

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You may laugh and think I’m just being silly, but I have a sneaking suspicion that our make believe super woman that we described earlier doesn’t really exist. Because lets be real, no mom really has it all together. The moment that first baby was born, life took on a whole new, circus-like, meaning where all you’re really trying to do is get your monkeys in order.

I think we’ve made perfection and effortless synonyms, and they’re really not. The effortless woman may seem like she’s perfect, like our super woman, but the reality is a bit skewed in our perception. We think she has everything perfectly together, much better than ourselves for sure, but really she has learned to go with the flow and let it go. When something interrupts her morning schedule, she doesn’t lose her cool. Things happen. Instead she works around it and keeps going. If she’s having a bad hair day, she goes with it and still walks with confidence. If she doesn’t draw attention to it, no one will know right? She handles the things that can be taken care of in that moment and lets the rest be as they may.

This actually is my goal- to be effortless, un-phased, calm. Basically anything but the frantic mess I can tend to be.  I’m not sure why we worry so much about that speck of dust on the shelf when a surprise guest arrives, instead of enjoying their company. Or the wrinkle in our blouse that we didn’t have time to properly iron that morning, so we spend the whole day obsessing over something no one would have noticed had we not drawn attention to it.

I realize it’s human nature to obsess over our flaws and shortcomings, but I’m setting a goal for myself this week to let it go and allow myself to be content. Anybody else want to join me?

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