My 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals

I know everyone is literally saying this, but I really can’t believe it’s already 2018! I feel like 2017 was a massive blur. From having our first child to changing jobs, so much has changed for the better!

My 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals My 2018 Goals My 2018 Goals My 2018 Goals ย My 2018 Goals

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While 2017 was incredible and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that were presented to me, I’m determined that 2018 will be my year! I’m turning 30 and though many would find that something to mourn, I’m embracing the decade change and really settling into myself. With that in mind, there are some major things I would like to accomplish this year.

Goal #1

My husband and I are getting out of consumer debt. You heard it folks. I admit it. We have consumer debt. Unfortunately a large majority of the country does as well. And I’ m tired of being part of the status quo and realizing all the things I could have accomplished or the places I could have visited had I not had to allot my money to other places. So this is the year that changes.

If you’re interested to hear how this progresses or if you would like to know some of the strategies we will be using, just comment below and I will make a separate post for your perusal!

Goal #2

We both want to lose a little poundage. You may be chuckling at this just as I am as I type it, but it’s true. I still have a little leftover pregnancy weight hanging on and JD has lamented at the extra pounds he’s been carrying lately, so we’re taking charge of our health and eating habits for 2018.

Of course, I’m 100% about the body positivity over here, but I also understand not feeling your best. If you feel your best at (insert weight here) then you live your best life! But if you’re unhappy or you’re feeling sluggish, then I challenge you to take responsibility for the actions that got you there and take the necessary steps to change it.ย I personally feel and look my best at my pre-pregnancy weight, so that’s my goal. To society, that’s still “overweight”, but I love my body and I feel awesome so society can get with the picture!

Goal #3

Travel more! This is my goal all day, every day. But JD and I want to make sure we’re taking the necessary steps to really accomplish this goal. Are we actively putting money away for travel? (I’ll let you know how that’s going with the debt management strategy as well.) Where do we want to go? When can we go? Etc…

For 2018, we know we’re going to NYC in May (so excited!!) But I also want to visit Greenville, SC and stop by Biltmore on the way. I want to go to the beach this summer since we had a newborn last summer and didn’t really do any traveling at all. I also want to start saving for our international trip we’re taking Summer 2019!

Goal #4

And my final goal for the year is this blog! Tabitha Faith is my baby and my personal brand. I’ve enjoyed where it’s come from, but I’m incredibly determined to catapult it into the future. So 2018 is the year I invest even more quality time into Tabitha Faith, from consistent blog and YouTube posting to more Instastories to brighten your day.

I’m expanding my content from mainly fashion and beauty to more of a lifestyle approach. I believe we’re all pretty multi-faceted and we enjoy content that reflects that. Don’t worry. I’m not going too crazy, but I will be including more mommy posts, Tabitha Faith Home posts, and even some recipes here and there. Let me know down below what you like to hear from me. Your input is so valuable and I appreciate your involvement!

What goals have you set for yourself for 2018? Let’s go for our dreams full force!

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