Nursing Mom Style

Nursing Mom Style

I could have never imagined how much of a sacrifice being a breastfeeding mom truly was until I became one. I could list off all the ways I’ve had change my life around to be a nursing mom, but that would take a good minute. So in this post I’m just going to focus on how to be stylish while being a nursing mom.

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The first thing I realized after coming home from the hospital was that my wardrobe was not ready for me to be a nursing mom. I hadn’t really thought about it (besides nursing bras) pre-pregnancy, so I was not prepared. So tip #1, don’t be like me. Prepare ahead of time!

Now, I’m not going to tell you to go out and buy an all new nursing wardrobe because that would quite a lot of money. I will say, there are some specifically nursing items that you will need and then there are ways to make your existing items work. So here’s what you’re going to need.

1. Nursing Tanks:ย First things first, get a few nursing tanks in neutral colors like black, white, and nude. These are so, so helpful because you can wear them under tees or your normal tops and boom, they’re nursing mom friendly. The only down side to this trick is that you can’t tuck your shirt into your pants/skirt. Or at least you can’t if you don’t want to be untucking and re-tucking it constantly. Since you typically go braless under these nursing tanks, I would suggest for going for one that’s the most supportive like the ones below.

2.ย Button Front Shirts:ย This goes without saying but button front shirts are perfect access, if you will, for breastfeeding. That means you can take any of the button front shirts you own and they’re immediately nursing friendly. Also any new tops you may buy will work even after you stop breastfeeding. Win win! Here are some of my favorite affordable options!

3. Wrap Dresses:ย Obviously a true wrap style dress offers the same convenience for breastfeeding as a button down top and will still be stylish long after your little one weans. I really love a midi style wrap dress because they are super flattering on every body type and still long enough to do all the mom things you need to without showing your hiney.

With these few additions, you can still be a nursing mom without compromising your style!

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  1. This was so insightful! I’m currently pregnant with our first and I definitely hadn’t even thought about these things. Thanks so much!

    Emily B. |

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