Designer Look, Budget Price

Designer on a Budget 1
I’ve lived my whole life fully aware that I have a “champagne taste on a beer budget.”  I have always been drawn to luxury items, even before I’m aware that they are luxury.  We can go shopping together, and you can observe me pick up a shirt only to realize it’s the most expensive one in the store.  Story of my life!  So it was no surprise that as I was browsing through Apartment Therapy house tours, I fell in love with this quirky coat rack.  It was perfect for our modern, eclectic house.  It was perfect until I realized that this was no ordinary wall hanging coat rack.  It was an Eames designer rack with a price tag at $199.  Ouch!  Though I’m not against investing in pieces, especially ones that are like artwork in and of themselves, I just couldn’t bring myself to dish out that kind of money on a coat rack.  So, I did what every thrifty girl does, and I went to searching for a knock off.  I found the perfect one on Amazon!


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NYC in a Whirlwind

Let it be known that I love photography, but I’m awful at remembering to take pictures.  My husband is the same way, so any time we travel, we have to remind each other to take pictures!  Honestly, we’re just too busy living in the moment to waste precious time behind a phone screen.  However, we did manage to snag some fun pictures from our recent jaunt in the Big Apple!  This was our Christmas present to each other, and we wouldn’t have traded this experience for any amount of material things.  It was Justin’s first time in NYC, and he loved it!  It was my first time seeing the ginormous Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center! Wow is it beautiful!  Here are a few shots from our trip!


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Mask of the Month


For the past month or possibly longer, I have been really enjoying this mask by the Sephora skincare line.  It’s the Sephora Mud Mask purifying and mattifying, and it gives some pretty great results.  Am I saying that it will rid you of every blackhead and impurity you ever had? No, and any mask that says it can is downright lying in my book.  I have never used a mask, high end or drugstore, that completely removed everything from my pores.  That being said, this mask does remove a lot, and you can visibly see a difference in your pore size after using it.  

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The Capsule Wardrobe Experiment

The Experiment

You might have already heard of capsule wardrobes or Project 333, but if not here’s a breakdown of the experiment.  It’s basically a minimalist style of living where your wardrobe consists of only items that you truly love.  Project 333 is pretty intense as you can only have 33 items for 3 months, and that includes clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry!  Exercise clothes, pajamas, and under garments are not included.  Needless to say, I’m not going that extreme.  I have decided to make a capsule wardrobe instead.  A capsule wardrobe is based around the same principles as Project 333, but it’s not so intense.  Every three months, you change out your capsule wardrobe based on the season.  

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My Favorite Blogs

Because I’m an aspiring blogger, I thought I would show some love to some of my favorite bloggers!  These ladies have incredible blogs that really are a treat to read.

  1. House of Harper:  This is one of my absolute favorites.  She posts everything from fashion, to beauty, to travel, and life.  Her style is so effortless and classy, and her photos are so well done.  I’m also in love with her interior design style.  This is definitely one to check out!
  2. Atlantic-Pacific:  This girl is all about fashion!  It’s predominantly a photo blog so those of you who don’t like to read but love good pictures will find this blog most appealing.  Her fashion style is so fun! She has some really classic looks, but she also pushes the envelope a bit. I love it so much!
  3. Making Sense of Cents:  This finance blog is the jam!  Michelle really lays everything out for you.  She is also young and successfully self-employed. The information and advice she gives is so relevant and helpful to young adults.  Because of this blog, J and I have really been looking taking a closer look at our financial plan.
  4. Dallas Wardrobe: This is another predominantly fashion blog, but I love it! She’s based out of Dallas obviously, so her style has that Southern flare.  It’s a totally different feel than Atlantic-Pacific and equally as awesome.
  5. Unsettle: This blog is fairly new, but it is packed with amazing content.  Sarah is such a great motivator.  She gives you helpful advice on different life endeavors, and her goal is to encourage you to go for your dreams.  Her posts make me believe I can do anything, not in the way where it just magically happens, but in a way where I’m given the tools to make it happen!


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Top Three Highlighters

IMG_2062Fall and winter bring wonderfully cool weather when we feel like we can’t take another day of summer, but with the cold weather, comes dull skin.  The number one way to combat dull skin is with exfoliating and moisturizing.  However, a good highlighter can work wonders.  As I rummaged through my makeup collection, I pulled out my three favorite highlighters, which all happen to be very different in shades and textures.

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Cool Weather and Matte Lips

Fall is finally here!  The wind is beginning to have that cool, crisp feeling.  I have a purple mum on my front porch and two pumpkin candles burning in my living room.  Tis’ the life!  Along with cool weather comes matte lips!  I love a good matte lip any time of the year, but they’re especially on trend in the fall and winter.  For those of you who don’t want to break the bank, I have a drugstore option that is amazing!

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