Drunk Elephant: The Review


Drunk Elephant is a skincare line that is still very much up and coming in a world with big hitters like Esteé Lauder and Lancôme, but how does it really compare?  I decided to dive in head first and go cold turkey for Drunk Elephant. 

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Smooth Transition

70's Dress 5 If you live in the Southeast or West Coast, you understand that though the mornings are starting to get cool and crisp, the afternoons can come back with a sweat inducing vengeance.  Therefore, transition outfits are a must. 

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Olive Love

Olive Button Up 2

Olive is one of the best colors to get me into the fall season.  With September beginning tomorrow, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to buy something fall inspiring, and this comfy affordable shirt fit the bill. 

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My Hidden Gem Face Mask

PTR Mask 1

Do you ever get to the end of your day and just want to flop in the bed without going through an entire skincare routine?  This is me more often than I care to admit!  This hidden gem of a face mask saves my skin on those nights.

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The Truth about First Time Home Buying


Hello guys!  It’s been too long since my last post, but that’s because JD and I are officially first time home buyers!!  If you’ve ever moved before in your life, then you know getting settled can take a good hot minute.  Hence the lack of blog posts recently, but I’m back and ready for action!  Of course a new house tour is in the making, but today, I’m sharing with you some major do’s and don’ts along the path of first time home buying!

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