Rose Hip Seed Oil: Why You Should Be Using It in Your Skincare Routine

Rose Hip Seed Oil: Why You Should Be Using It in Your Skincare Routine

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Welcome back, sweet thang! Today’s post is all about skincare! If you know me at all, you know I adore me some good skincare. I will happily shell out all the monies of life if I know I’m going to get real results and better looking skin. Thankfully, I really have narrowed my skincare down to just a few products that have given me amazing results!

Rose Hip Seed Oil: Why You Should Be Using It in Your Skincare Routine

*This was originally going to be a post about my updated, simplified skincare routine, but it got a little wordy (because I could talk skincare for days) so I’m breaking it up into two parts for you lovelies. So stay tuned for Part 2!*

If you’ve been a reader for a little while, you will know pregnancy was not super nice to my skin. (Read more here.)  I found a routine that really helped while I was pregnant, but afterwards my skin was different once again and I had to figure out what it wanted/needed. I’m not going to lie. For a few weeks afterwards, it was like an angry beast. *lols*

My first thought was to run to one brand that I have actually loved for quite some time- Drunk Elephant. (Read my full review here.) I knew I loved quite a bit of their products, and I thought if I tried their “Clean Break” system where you only use their product line, then I might see some sanity return to my skin. So I purchased the Drunk Elephant The Littles set, which is a mini version of their main product line. If you’re looking to try this brand, I highly recommend getting this because it’s really great value for what you get, and you can try out a lot of their products in one go.

Unfortunately, the “clean break” was not what my skin was looking for. I still adore D.E. and will continue using their Umbra Physical Defense sunscreen probably until the day I die. (Full review here.) And I adore the C Firma Day Serum and both of their cleansers, Juju and Pekee. However, the T.L.C. Glycolic Night Serum is just too strong of an acid for face any longer. I used to love and use it in the past, but postpartum, it’s a no go for me. I was also super excited to try the Virgin Marula Oil because I’ve only heard fantastic things about it (and for $72 it better work some magic). But it was a total let down for me. Which brings me to my next point…

Rose Hip Seed Oil: Why You Should Be Using It in Your Skincare Routine

Oils are not created equal. All oils are not for everyone.

We all know I love and adore coconut oil, and I use it for quite literally everything. But it’s not the greatest moisturizer for my skin. I enjoy it for an oil cleanser or a hair mask, but if I want something that’s going to moisturize this dry skin of mine, coconut oil is not the answer. Why? Though coconut oil is high in lauric acid making it lightweight and able to penetrate through multiple layers of skin, it would not keep my dry, flaky patches at bay. I almost feel bad for saying this because I’ve touted coconut oil’s praises for quite some time, but it just doesn’t work as a moisturizing step in my skincare. Sorry!

But back to the D.E. Virgin Marula Oil… Unlike coconut oil (which is lightweight, remember), marula oil is incredibly heavy. I mean it almost feels like rubbing a weird oil/gel concoction on your face. You would think this would be incredibly moisturizing, and it is, but it’s also heavy. Needless to say, my skin just could not get along with marula oil. I wanted to love it so much because it’s the new coconut oil on the market, working miracles and such, but it was a hard no for my skin.

But I want to use an oil!

This was my #firstworldproblems, bratty cry. So I set off to find one that would be my skincare oil soulmate. And the award goes to…. The Ordinary Rose Hip Oil!

Rose Hip Seed Oil: Why You Should Be Using It in Your Skincare Routine

This stuff is like magic for my skin! I reviewed some of The Ordinary products here, but I didn’t realize then just how much of a game changer this oil really is. It’s beautiful. It’s magical. It’s perfect in every way. It’s a bit on the heavier side for an oil, but it doesn’t feel gross on your skin. It feels super moisturizing and wonderful! I find that it doesn’t clog my pores AT ALL, which is more than I can say for the coconut oil and the marula oil. I have truly noticed a wonderful difference in my hormonal acne, moisture level of my skin, brightness, and even redness. And I really do contribute a large portion of it to this oil. Of course it’s also in conjunction with the other parts of my skincare routine (coming up in Part 2!), but this oil is now my holy grail, gotta have it oil, and I’m so glad I finally found it!

Rose Hip Seed Oil Breakdown:

1. It brightens and tightens the skin because of its astringent properties.

2. It’s full of fatty acids making it very moisturizing. This is also why it’s of medium heavy density.

3. It helps reduce redness and fade scarring.

4. It’s packed with antioxidants that help reduce wrinkles and firm skin.

Definitely consider picking some rose hip seed oil up and trying it for yourself. I’ve been amazed at the results I’ve seen for myself!

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