Spring and Summer Sandals

I adore sandals! If it’s warm enough for my feet to be exposed, I’m a happy girl. Lucky for me, that’s about half of the year in Mississippi. So at the beginning of spring, I knew I needed to purchase some new sandals to replace all of the ones I had worn down last summer. 

There are lots of fun styles to choose from this spring and summer. The mule or slide is trending, and I’ve found two awesome affordable options! The first pair are so, so fun with pom poms, beads, and fringe. They are essentially island living and all that embodies summer wrapped up in one pair of shoes! Love, love, love! And to be even more awesome, they’re on sale for under $20 right now. Snatch them up before they’re gone!

My next pair of sandals is a simple brown leather slide. They’re perfect because you can just throw them on with anything and they look awesome and effortless. These exact ones come in under $20 as well (which is insane for leather sandals) but unfortunately they’re out of stock. No worries! I’ve got a few options for you below!

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of strappy sandals. They are really good for days when you’re going to do a lot of walking because they stay in place. Make sure you get a pair that works with your foot or the extra straps will only rub and cause blisters defeating the purpose of strappy sandals. I got this pair from Amazon, and in true thrifty fashion, they are under $30. I wear these with super casual outfits all the way to skirts and dresses. They’re definitely versatile!

The last pair is probably my favorite. Block heels are still super trendy, and I don’t hate that because they’re so, so much easier to walk in. Especially these with a 2 1/2 inch heel. Score! Blue is my favorite color so this bright, popping shade just warms my heart. We’ve got a little *bling* going on with the jewels on top which only add to the island, summer vibe. I mean what’s not to love about these?! To be honest, I scored these at a Cato’s for all of $10, so I can’t really link them for you, but again no worries. Look below for some inspiration!

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