The Oil Cleansing Method: My Thoughts and Results


Washing your face with coconut oil may seem like the craziest of things to do, but it’s all the new rage. Coconut oil seems to be taking over the world. You can wash your face with it. You can cook with it. You can moisturize with it. You can oil pull with it. You get my point. There are lots of options when it comes to coconut oil. I, myself, am a huge fan. I began to wash my face with coconut oil about three years ago. At the time, I was doing a lot of reading about the different types of Oil Cleansing Methods, and it all intrigued me. Plus, I was currently using Philosophy’s Purity, which I loved. However, I had recently discovered that what I thought was a more “all natural” product contained parabens and food coloring. I will never understand why it’s necessary to put food coloring in a facial cleanser, but a lot have one, if not two, on their ingredient list. I decided I would give oil cleansing a go, and because coconut oil was all the rage, I went with it.   The results have been amazing!

But first, let me tell you about my skin. I have dry, sensitive skin with hormonal acne around my mouth and chin. It hasn’t always been this way. When I was in high school, my friends were all envious of my perfect skin. I had a beautiful complexion and literally like ten pimples at max throughout high school. The glory continued until I turned 22, and then my skin rebelled. When I say rebelled, I mean went on a rampage kind of rebelled. Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but that’s what it felt like to me. I was getting multiple breakouts at one time! This was absolutely unheard of for me. Plus, they were large, painful spots. I felt like the entire world could see them. It was pretty awful for me, and now I’m even more grateful that I didn’t have acne like many do. I would never wish that on anyone! But, back to the coconut oil!

My Routine:

Step 1:

Take a nickel-sized portion of coconut oil in your fingertips. I use organic, unrefined because that’s the absolute best quality, and you want the best when it comes to your face. Rub your fingertips together to melt the coconut oil down.

Step 2:

Gently rub the coconut oil all over your face, eyelids included. I like to take some time at the bash of my lashes to make sure I remove all mascara and eyeliner.

Step 3:

Take a washcloth or muslin cloth and rinse it under warm water, as hot as you can handle it. Squeeze out the excess water and place the cloth on your face. This acts as a mini facial, steaming out the impurities from your pores. I love this part. Take in deep breaths and relax as the cloth cools down. I try to keep it on my face for 30 seconds.

Step 4:

Gently massage off your makeup. Be especially gentle with your under eye area as it is the thinnest skin on the whole body. This acts as a super gentle exfoliator for your face.

You’re done! It’s so easy and inexpensive.   The coconut oil costs me $8 a jar, and it lasts a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not sure what more you could ask for in a cleanser. It totally removes makeup, along with waterproof mascara. You steam your face, opening up the pores to truly deep clean, and you get a nice, gentle exfoliation. This has truly been a savior for my dry, sensitive skin, but if you’re an oily girl, don’t worry. The Oil Cleansing Method is perfectly safe for you too!

On nights where I want to keep things simple and give my face a rest, I just apply some more coconut oil as a moisturizer and leave it at that.   With all of it’s anti-aging properties, coconut oil acts as a serum and an eye cream. It’s truly a miracle worker! Let me know your thoughts about the Oil Cleansing Method in the comments!

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