Working from Home: Top 3 Tips for Productivity

Working from Home: Productivity Tips for the Stay at Home/Working Mama

Happy Friday! Today we’re talking about working from home- the good, the bad, and the productivity. For those of us that work from home, staying on track can be tricky, especially when you throw a baby into the mix. So today, I’m sharing with you how I work from home- with my 8 month old- and still get work done.ย 

Working from Home: Productivity Tips for the Stay at Home/Working Mama Working from Home: Productivity Tips for the Stay at Home/Working Mama Working from Home: Productivity Tips for the Stay at Home/Working Mama

If you’re not someone who works from home, I’m sure you can find some nuggets of wisdom here to help with your side projects, because lets face it, we need all the help we can get with productivity.

1. Make a Plan

This one may sound super obvious, but find out what works best for your schedule, make a plan, and stick to it! I personally would suggest blocking out portions of your day for each category of work. For example:

20 minutes of answering emails
20 minutes of house work
1 hour of work project #1

You get the picture. Have a plan and stick to it as much as possible.

And to make your plan, I give you- THE NOTEBOOK. I love notebooks, notepads, and stationary so much! I probably have enough to last me the next 5 years but that won’t stop me from buying more. I’ve found that notebooks are so handy and absolutely crucial to productivity. I start each morning by making a “To-do” list to keep me on track throughout the day. This allows me to list things in order of importance so that nothing is forgotten, and it allows me to see exactly what I’ve accomplished at the end of the day (and also what I may need to finish the next day when things don’t go as planned).

I also like to carry a notebook around with me to jot down ideas or things that need to get done as I think of them. I know this is the age of the iPhone, but physically writing something down lodges it into my memory much better than entering it into my phone. And I’m old school sometimes. Whatevs.

2. Don’t Multitask

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking isn’t good for anybody, men and women alike. However, it’s been so engrained in us as a necessity for success that it might be harder than you think to focus on one project until it is completed or at least for the full amount of time you have designated to it. Recent studies have shown that directing your attention away from the task at hand, even for a few minutes, makes it much harder to refocus. In fact, it could take up to thirty minutes to refocus your brain, losing valuable time in the process. So don’t open that email that can wait. Don’t click over to online shop. (This is especially easy to do when you’re a fashion blogger doing your research) BUT STAY FOCUSED.

Now I know you may be wondering how in the world I keep from multitasking with a baby in the house, and the reality is I don’t always. Sometimes I’m answering emails while spooning more food into Sawyer’s mouth. But for the most part, I try to entertain Sawyer with toys or do my most important work when he’s asleep. The point is, I try to cut down on distractions as much as possible.

3. Get Dressed

This is may sound funny to you, but hanging around in your pajamas all day doesn’t quite foster a very productive environment. I get it. It’s comfortable, and I’m down with being comfortable. But let’s opt for more of a loungewear vibe as opposed to a just rolled out of bed vibe. You will be surprised how much more motivated you feel when you’ve showered and put a little effort into your appearance.

-Favorite Comfy Options-

So there you have it- my best tips for productivity! What do y’all do to stay on track? Let me know in the comments below!


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